Casino City's Global Gaming Almanac - 2019 Edition

Preface Casino City’s Global Gaming Almanac 9 Preface We are pleased to publish this 13 th edition of Casino City's Global Gaming Almanac . This new edition provides market, financial, legal, and regulatory information about land-based and online gambling for more than 200 regions and jurisdictions around the world. From a summary of each country's gaming activity to the details of the participating properties, this almanac furnishes a complete overview of gaming worldwide. We also offer the information in this publication through an online service available at This almanac is one of three publications that together comprise Casino City's Gaming Analyst Package. The other publications are Casino City's North American Gaming Almanac and Casino City's Indian Gaming Industry Report . The summary information for North America included in this almanac relies on the more detailed information provided in these other publications. This almanac has five primary areas of focus within each jurisdiction. First, the major market segments are described, including casino and card room gaming, lotteries, commercial bingo, race wagering, sports betting and online gaming. Information on recent revenue statistics, the historical and current regulatory environment, an overview of pending legislation, and major trends is included. Second, summary tables show the distribution and total numbers for types of gaming facilities, gaming devices (including slots, video lottery terminals, and electronic bingo), and gaming tables (including poker) within the jurisdiction. Other summarized statistics include casino square footage, convention square footage, number of rooms, restaurants, entertainment venues, parking spaces, and number of employees. Third, more than 5,500 gaming properties are covered across the jurisdictions. Details provided for individual properties include physical address, phone and fax numbers, website and e-mail addresses, property owner, types of table games, restaurant names and cuisines, entertainment venues, attractions and hours of operation. All the summarized statistics listed above are also provided for individual properties. Fourth, for each gambling activity in a jurisdiction, the appropriate regulatory body is shown with name, location and contact information. Gaming-related associations are also listed for each jurisdiction. Finally, current and historic activity-specific revenue charts and tables are provided. This data is not included for all jurisdictions, but we hope to see the number of jurisdictions furnishing revenue figures increase with each edition. This data is collected from regulatory agencies and commissions around the world. Specifically, the data includes: • Four years of calendar year net gaming revenue by gaming activity. The four calendar years of data are presented in local currency and U.S. dollars for all jurisdictions. The data is also presented in inflation-adjusted terms using December 2017 as the base. See the appendix for details of the calculations required to produce the revenue data presented in this book. • Five-year revenue bar charts for each gaming activity in each jurisdiction. Inflation-adjusted and U.S. dollar charts are included for each available jurisdiction as well. • Summary tables with four years of revenue, revenue change since prior year, inflation-adjusted revenue and inflation-adjusted revenue change since prior year for each gaming activity. • Raw revenue data tables and, when obtainable, tables of taxes collected per gaming activity. Casino City's Global Gaming Almanac also includes an ownership section that lists more than 400 gaming property owners worldwide. Along with contact information, the ownership details show the properties owned